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As a college educator with over 30 years as a working actor I can tell you there is no better way to prepare young artists for the professional industry than using Adam Cates' inspired book The Business of Show. Every page is filled with gems of practical knowledge and information on how to be a professional, what the expectations are, and how to run your business. This book is a gift to any young artist considering a professional career. It is a "must have" in any college curriculum and frankly, just as valuable for working actors.  Every word is gold!

Kaitlin Hopkins

Broadway actress and

Head of Musical Theater

Texas State University

The perfect book for the BFA graduate. Full of up-to-the-minute advice and knowledge from professionals who are working NOW, this book is a must-have for anyone hoping to work in New York's theatre business!

Tracey Moore

Associate Professor

The Hartt School of Music,

Dance, and Theatre

The Business of Show contains vital information for the driven performer eager to navigate a career in the entertainment industry.


With real stories, to-the-point advice, and direct insight contributed by more than 100 successful actors, dancers, singers, directors, choreographers, artistic directors, producers, agents, casting directors, and experts, this guidebook offers the inside track on marketing, networking, typecasting, strategy, auditions, education, social media, rejection, contract negotiations, rehearsal protocol, understudies, unions, agents, tax deductions, professional conduct, survival jobs, career transition, and so  much more.


With a fresh and honest focus, The Business of Show guides the reader down the path of pursuing dreams equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how "show business" actually works. 

Table of Contents

If you wanted an easy, straight-forward career path, you probably wouldn't aspire to be a professional dancer... But with a little help and guidance, navigating the world of show biz needn't be so daunting.  Broadway veteran Adam Cates' new book The Business of Show is just what it sounds like: a one stop shop of career advice for performing artists.

Maggie McNamara

Dance Spirit Magazine

Adam Cates combines years of incredible personal experience with a wealth of research to create a comprehensive look at the current industry. The Business of Show is a book I encourage all of my students to read.

Cassie Abate

Head of Musical Theatre

Texas State University

The Business of Show, is the missing link. This book provides a relatable look into the side of the business that most do not see while showing the humanity of successful individuals in the industry.

Roy Lightner

Musical Theatre Faculty

University of Alabama-Birmingham

  • Foreword by Michael Cassara, CSA


  • Introduction: It's Called Show "Business"


  • Chapter 1: TRAINING

    • Higher Education * Own Your Training * Versatility Is Key * Keep Training Throughout Your Career


  • Chapter 2: JOBS & MARKETS

    • Categories of Professional Work * Major U.S. Markets for Professionals * Deciding Where To Go * Performing Artists from Outside the U.S.


  • Chapter 3: YOU ARE A SMALL BUSINESS.                                      THINK LIKE A SMALL BUSINESS.

    • Product * Market Analysis * Skill Maintenance & Continued Education * Networking * Marketing * Strategy


  • Chapter 4: AUDITIONS

    • Audition Technique * Types of Auditions * Finding Auditions * Frequently Asked Questions * The Audition Process * A Healthy Approach * Rejection * Take It from Me: The Professional's Experience


  • Chapter 5: PROFESSIONAL PROTOCOL ON THE                       JOB

    • Before Rehearsal Begins * The First Day of School * At the End of the Day * Protocol for Understudies, Swings & Standbys



    • Agents * Managers * Unions * Accountants * Entertainment Lawyers



    • The 25 "Unwritten" Rules of Professionalism * The Lead Sets the Tone * It's All About Relationships


  • Chapter 8: LIFE HAPPENS (& OTHER HELPFUL                        TIPS)

    • Survival Jobs * Personal Finances * Make Your Own Work * I Can't Do This Anymore!!!



    • Advice, Encouragement & Words of Wisdom


  • Chapter Ten: TAKE THE JOURNEY


  • Online Resource Guide

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