My Fair Lady

Gulfshore Playhouse


director: Kristen Coury

Unique licence granted to create a version

for 10 actors and 2 pianos

"[The numbers] are creatively staged and choreographed by Adam Cates. Having the score played by only two pianos (by Adrian Ries and Matt Aument) helps the audience concentrate more on the songs themselves and their lyrics....The ensemble often supplements the pianos with percussion: brushing a washboard, tapping a trashcan cover, rhythmically pushing a broom, clapping hands and stomping feet. There’s even tap dancing in “Get Me to the Church on Time.” It’s almost like “Stomp” married with “My Fair Lady,” though the percussion is always complementary and never overbearing. Purists be damned, it’s an innovative way to add more texture to the music."
-Florida Weekly

photo credit & scenic design: David Arsenault

© Adam Cates