A Funny Thing Happened . . . Forum

Gulfshore Playhouse


director: Darren Katz

Unique licence granted to create a version

for 10 actors, 3 musicians, and gender-swapped casting

"Somehow, by flipping some of the genders of those playing the characters, the show opens up in a way it hasn’t before and makes us think about gender roles and expectations. That’s not to say that this version of “Forum” is dry and preachy, a lecture to be endured. Not at all. It’s a fun and rambunctious romp that provides plenty of laughs. When they promise a comedy at the opening, they’re not kidding....

Mr. Katz, the director, and Gulfshore Playhouse, have given us a “Forum” for the 21st century, a fresh, new take on the classic musical... 

Choreographer Adam Cates provides a mash-up of varying dance styles, including a soft-shoe number, that never fail to entertain. This version of “Forum” is so zany, so fun, I hope to go see it again."

-Florida Weekly

"Leering commentary and lascivious advances are dropping from the marketplace of polite conversation, and, frankly, it's about time. But where does that leave a sensitive audience at "A  Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," a musical bursting at the seams with lascivious intentions and innuendo, populated by courtesans, slaves and pimps? 

It leaves them laughing. Howling, in fact, at the Gulfshore Playhouse production of the Stephen Sondheim-Larry Gelbart-Burt Shevelove musical busload of clowns. "Forum" erects an ancient Rome so outre and characters so National Lampoon silly that any artifice of imposition disappears. 

-Naples Daily News

© Adam Cates